0-134679 - Exegesis
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0-134679 - Exegesis

0-134679 - Exegesis

Document excerpt from the protocol 0-134679, known as Exegesis, sent to all of Sanctum's personnel, including HQ and international branches.

It's unknown if this protocol was published as part of the cover up plan for Cockroach's successful extraction of megadrive project documents.


code: 0-134679
type: protocol
unofficial name: exegesis
date of publication: 4, 2012
responsible: lore keepers


original text

July 4, 2012, 22:55:00
Sanctum Lore Keepers, under commandment of His Master's will, hereby declare:

The body of knowledge comprised by the archive documents, files, and logs is to be treated as absolute secret, starting from the publication of this document on.

To achieve this, all personnel, including officers, assistants, reviewers, and maintainers, must secure the keys to their repositories, both private and internal.

Methods of encryption are available in protocol 0-001356, which is available under Lore Keepers authorization.

enc. hsh.: 13b1f7ec5beaefc781e43a3b344371cd49923a8a05edd71844b92f56f6a08d38