0-2155 - Exanimate
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0-2155 - Exanimate

0-2155 - Exanimate

After a few days of research and serotonin deficiency, Cockroach found a strange document in Sanctum's archive: a piece of paper printed with what seems to be a message to high hierarchy members of the organization, probably belonging to one or more of the five points.


code: 0-2155
type: undefined
unofficial name: exanimate
date of publication: june 12, 2011
responsible: unknown


original text

Humming is ready.
Program should find a suitable exanimate in no less than a month.
Team will check the server on a daily basis and log observations on the scan results.
Reports will be available in the private repository at the end of each working day.
Master must not find out about the machine.
As soon as it finds a subject, we must destroy it.
Project Neverending depends on the success of this program.
Until then, Sanctum protects.

enc. hsh.: e0f895872d65b2528feec97350a3a212b3d4ab88748e25d022a34641d338216b