0-2203 - Homiletics Initiative
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0-2203 - Homiletics Initiative

0-2203 - Homiletics Initiative

Cockroach thinks he found the Gunt.



code: 0-2203
type: memo
unofficial name: homiletics initiative
date of publication: february 2, 2012
responsible: lore keepers


original text

DATE: February 2, 2012
TO: All Sanctum Keepers Personnel
FROM: Gunther R., Leader, Lore Keepers
SUBJECT: Homiletics Initiative

Due to the importance of our role as keepers of Sanctum's knowledge, it's of utmost importance to inform everyone about the so-called Homiletics Initiative.
Since last December, our team has worked in intercepting and decrypting unauthorized messages inside our organization. Both senders and receivers remain unknown. However, the content of these messages has been fully uncovered.
In what appears to be an attempt to dismantle the Five Pointed Star, a part of our personnel is inserting fabricated data inside our body of knowledge. The affected data has not been identified, but Lore Keepers is working closely with Order Keepers to track the responsible people.
While we ignore the motivation for this attack, what we do know is that what they call the Homiletics Initiative is an inside job.
We require all the five points to collaborate in this matter immediately. His Master has been informed of the perpetrators and their initiative, and has summoned the Sacred Star Council on February 3rd.
Until then, Sanctum protects.

enc. hsh.: ea841fbbb09f8669adbef851e7c08257cd37ae30c4b5da48fbab118cf4d0788c