2-4529 - megadrive_man
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2-4529 - megadrive_man

2-4529 - megadrive_man

The file megadrive_man was extracted during Cockroach's operation in June 2012, along with extensive files and logs related to the project.


code: 2-4529
type: file
filename: megadrive_man
creation date: april 23, 2011
modification date: april 26, 2011
owner: apearson


original text

Megadrive Manual

First plug the wires into the vessel. Any part will work, just make sure the connectors are completely under the skin. Heat will take care of any blood flow, if any.

Start the process by running *megadrive prep* in the administrator shell. This command will release the fluids from their temporary vessels and store them in the *alchemy* tagged tank.
Then run *megadrive start* to begin the mixing of the chemicals. This will not start the megadrive process, only the mixing*.
Finally, run *megadrive transfer* to start the transfer of the chemical compound into the final vessel. The prompt will show a progress marker after running the command**.
The vessel may start to move during the first five minutes. Although it may seem so, this does not mean the vessel feels anything. The movements are reflexes caused by the interaction with the chemicals. Still, be aware of any aggressive motion, as it can cause the wires to unplug.
After the process is done, the vessel will be ready for the next stage of the Megadrive process. Make sure you unplug the wires carefully, so the skin won't receive any unintended damage.
Exit the administrator shell by running *done*.
Run *exit*.
*: Change the command to something that reflects the process. It can lead to confusion and has already cost us a few vessels.
**: This is an example of an aptly named command. Get your shit together, Steve