2-4872 - .higgs
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2-4872 - .higgs

2-4872 - .higgs

A file created by mmorrison was found in terminal WS-02, in the megadrive laboratory, addressed to a certain Boston individual. It's unknown if this person is part of Sanctum's personnel, but the nomenclature does not follow institutional communication protocols, so it's assumed the file pertains to a personal affair.


code: 2-4872
type: file
filename: .higgs
creation date: june 25, 2012
modification date: june 26, 2012
owner: mmorrison


original text

This is a desperate plea for you to stop.

Stop this, right now!

I know I'll get excommed soon, so I'll just disappear and leave no trace for them to find me.

After what happened, the keepers will ditch anyone who seems a potential danger to the integrity of Sanctum.

Please, I beg you, don't go any further.

I write this with the hope that you read it before they do, delete it as soon as you can, and come back home, to me.