Entry 1
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Entry 1

My past is always one step behind me, so that's something I've learned to live with. Starting back in 2006, the actions in which I incurred were always borderline illegal, *borderline* being the keyword that has kept me safe.

The June 2012 operation (code-name: in-fest), was my first important job, and one I take pride in because it was all my work, regardless of being unseen until... well, until a few days ago.

I always thought the operation had zero witnesses, until someone emailed me last night.


It's nice to finally see the results of your hard work.
I remember staring at my screen in awe back that night, trying to follow your steps as you sneaked in their network, almost unnoticed.


Whoever this is, it's clear they were watching me researching me since way back.

I seem to have a fan.