Entry 4
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Entry 4

It's been eight months since the last entry. I went looking for clues regarding the Five Pointed Star and the Homiletics Initiative, but the archive proved to be useless. There were no other documents related to the issue.

I had to dig around.

I won't delve into the details of my wanderings, but it mostly involved dusty old terminals, bad cryptography, and a bunch of deteriorated folders, none of which led me to what I was searching for.

It was between dead fingers, with a strong grasp, as if they still clung to life itself, that I found my holy grail.

The previously published document is the content of that yellow sticky note: an ominous poem. The text in the back made reference to a humming, and we both know exactly what it means.

Due to the date, and the place in which I found it, I have a hunch this note is a link between the Endless Warrior Program and the Homiletics Initiative.

I only need one single file.